About Gordon

In 2007 Gordon got a glimpse of a deeper nature, a true Self, and since then has been using this life experience to allow him to know, be, and express from this most authentic place, and be aligned on the journey, allowing the life experience that he is truly meant to live!

For nine years, after the initial experiencing of our true nature, Gordon explored, experienced, allowed and integrated much conscious life wisdom, growing and learning with conscious living & development as his first priority. It led to the arising of immeasurable peace, love, joy, growth, fulfillment, and self-realisation, and a wonderful physical life experiencing of great inner-connection, health, relationships, friendships, travel, fun experience, growth, indulgence of passions, and free lifestyle! After years spent living in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Thailand, the year 2015 saw Gordon living in Scotland and undergoing further significant transformation, and emerging with a fresh focus, intention, passion and readiness for sharing the life wisdom that he has integrated and that has been coming through him since 2007, to inspire as many people as possible to tune into our own power, realise our own true nature, our own unique purpose, and to the unique life experience that we're each truly meant to live!