Meditation & Conscious Living Q&A

This life experience is a journey that we’re all on! We each have a unique purpose, a unique experience, unique passions, and a unique skill-set……and, much more importantly, a deeper nature to our self, of which most of us are unaware even exists! There is a part of us (which is ultimately our true nature!), from which arises immeasurable peace, love, joy, growth, fulfillment, empowerment, wisdom, purpose, passion, abundance, creativity, confidence, and a sense of feeling whole, complete, fulfilled and at home in this world! It is the true nature of every human being and all things, and we are here to realize it, feel it, be it, and have it be the awareness from which we allow our unique, amazing, wonderful self and life experience to emerge/unfold/arise!

Through meditation and conscious living, we find a resonant balance of focusing inwards and outwards. We allow ourselves to realize and release what is false and detrimental to our life, and discover and become the truth of who and what we truly are! We learn how to interact with and utilise our thoughts and emotions in an empowered and aligned manner! We begin to experience connection within ourself, and with everyone and every-thing in this physical experience, and deepen with this as we go! We gain a true, deeper, perspective of life, and how it works, and can then begin to live in an empowered way that is truly aligned with the unique and unlimited experience that we’re meant to live!

Join Gordon at this powerful event, where a safe, peaceful and loving space is provided, for you to enjoy meditation and intuitive group discussion, in which your questions shall be honoured around anything to do with conscious/spiritual journey, and life experience in general, offering expanded perspective, and opening up all to breakthroughs on whatever areas you are currently focussing, in your life and on your conscious path!