Coaching/One to One Sessions

Enjoy a one to one consultation where you will experience the
benefit of having a full, leading-edge, coaching session tailored to yourself and what you would like to experience and achieve! The subject matter of each session will be decided by you, and within which we can focus on one, or a balance of, the following areas:

- Spiritual/Conscious Connection And Development
- Life Situation And Life Experience Coaching
- Guidance And Support With Meditation Practice  & Mindfulness
- Guidance And Support With Utilising The Law Of Attraction

Each session unfolds in an intuitive and instinctive manner, and so really addresses that which you would like to address at any given point or week, giving you a very relevant and beneficial experience, and greatest potential for highest results!

The length and format of the sessions are chosen to suit you. We can do the sessions in person, or via online video calling, whichever feels better (depending on the type of session the option may also be there to conduct by phone), and we can choose the day and time slot to fit in with your current schedule/preference.

These sessions will facilitate, inspire, motivate, and support you in many areas including:

- being aware of where you are right now, and where you want to be

- allowing you to successfully change, grow, achieve, develop and realise the unlimited potential that is you in your true nature

- realising that your power is within you, and accessing and living from there in every day life

- gaining fresh, new, aligned perspective that allows you to experience a quality of life

- enjoying momentum, consistency, allowing your own conclusions and solutions, and taking effective action

- defining your dreams, recognising and releasing what is holding you back, and moving forward with great momentum, clarity and vision,

- becoming the person you truly are, and leading yourself to create and enjoy the life experience that you truly desire, and are truly meant to live!

Ultimately, we want to be our best self, and live a fulfilling and balanced life experience of that which we desire, and most importantly, we want to feel the best we can feel as we experience this! There is a part of us, from which arises immeasurable peace, love, joy, growth, fulfilment, empowerment, freedom, wisdom, purpose, passion, abundance, creativity, confidence, and a sense of feeling whole, complete, fulfilled and at home in this world! It is the true nature of every human being and all things, and we are here to realize it, feel it, be it, and have it be the awareness from which we allow our unique, amazing, wonderful self and life experience to emerge/unfold/arise!

The experience of this is available to everyone!! No matter your current situation or circumstance, it is available to you!!!

So whether you are currently feeling dissatisfied with parts of who you are and/or your life experience, are re-evaluating life choices, are looking for personal or professional breakthroughs, are already in the process of making positive/aligned changes, are already experiencing a period of thriving and wish to take it to the 'next level', or are experiencing great challenge, the type of support, guidance, inspiration and motivation offered in these sessions will be invaluable in getting to where you are wanting to go, achieving what you want to achieve! And ultimately in allowing you to grow into the amazing Self and Life Experience that is yours to be and live!

"I encountered Gordon in April through his Meditation and Development Class and this came at a time of great personal difficulty as I was suffering from Depression and Anxiety. On that evening, there was an instant connection with Gordon and his intuition was something that I had never experienced before. Over the months with both the classes and personal development sessions I had with Gordon, I was able to connect fully within myself. He has also taught me how to be present in day to day life and how to feel whole and complete within. Gordon's intuition, support and awareness have been invaluable on my journey and I could not praise his services or his tutelage any more and I would highly recommend him to those who are looking to go deep within and reconnect with their own being." - Joe

"Gordon is a gentle, kind person. He understands how to hold a safe accepting space for individuals and groups. He offers soulful support on personal issues in a person centred way and has a way of making me feel so positive and special. Everyone needs to feel special. He is a person with light and warmth that shines from within and helped me to find inner strength to carry and make sense of my issues. One final thing about Gordon, his hugs are magical and empower one to reach for great things." - Kim

"I was guided to work with Gordon in several sessions over the period of a couple of months earlier this year. Gordon is insightful, intuitive and I benefitted greatly in a number of areas of my life thanks to his calmness, wisdom and guidance. He is a fantastic listener without judgement and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs some help or guidance in any area of their life. " - Emma

"Gordon is very wise, a good listener and very reflective and intuitive, i always felt energised and inspired after a session and would highly recommend him" - Alan 

" Gordon is a lovely gentle person who is incredibly knowledgeable on spiritual awakening and has helped me massively on my journey of expanding consciousness to live a more fulfilling and positive life! I find his approach very calming and relaxing and he has helped me identify the areas of my life that need attention and work. I can't recommend him enough! A great person with great abilities and perspective! thank you" - Natalie

"I highly recommend Gordon Rainey if anyone is looking for some support to give you more clarity and guidance in life. I was needing some help when my brother passed away in 2018, I thought I was already strong and positive but I didn’t realise when I lost one of my family was the hardest part to deal with. I have to thank Gordon for his support and I am now back on track" - Adelyn