Meditation Classes

Enjoy a Meditation & Conscious Living  class, where a safe, peaceful and loving space is provided, along with guidance and support, for you to relax and connect with your true-nature within! Through mindful breathing experience, meditation, and vibration-setting inspired discussion, you will feel energised, joyful, and peaceful, and take the next step on the journey to being your true self!

Whether you are interested in spiritual aspects such as experiencing a more fulfilling, empowered and happier life experience through uncovering and living your true nature and true life path, or meeting and connecting with new like-minded friends, or would just like to take a timeout from your hectic lifestyle to relax and recharge, you're more than welcome to come along!

Details of dates, times and locations of classes are advertised through the Meditation & Conscious Living Glastonbury, Meditation Glasgow and Glasgow Law Of Attraction and The Real You meetup groups, and on Facebook

**Next Class - Online - Tue 3rd Aug** (via Skype)